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Announcement list: If you would like to receive updates on the project and notifications of new downloads, please subscribe to the astromed-annouce Google Group. You can subscribe to the mailing list by clicking on the "Join this group" link that is on the right-hand side of the Google Groups page.

Help list: If you have any questions about the project or using 3D Slicer with our sample data sets, please send an email to:

We will also be setting up other lists and methods for users to discuss common issues with the community, so stay tuned.


Slicer is engineered for astronomy by Michael Halle (project management, software design) and Douglas Alan (software engineering).

Slicer is used for astronomical research by Michelle Borkin (graduate astronomer) and Jens Kauffmann (postdoctoral astronomer). Astronomy-related questions concerning Slicer will be directed to them.

Please see the section about us for more information.

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