Astronomical Medicine Research Projects

The Astronomical Medicine team is unique in that we not only work on the development of visualization tools for astronomy and medicine, but we are active users of these tools and utilize them in our own research. So not only is our research improved, but we are active test users giving real-time feedback to the tools' development. The research of the Astronomical Medicine team is closely connected with the COMPLETE survey of star-forming clouds, whose data and science case serves as a testbed for much of AM's research.

Besides these research projects, check-out our software development projects.

Core Projects


The star-forming Region L1448

These are the primary science projects conducted by AM team members utilizing AM's developed tools.

Given AM's origin, all of our core science projects are presently concerned with the formation of stars from molecular clouds. Specifically, we collect and visualize maps acquired using radio telescopes. These maps have three dimensions: two coordinates encode the position on the sky, and a third dimension encodes the velocity (we obtain spectrally resolved data). Thus, we can visualize and analyze our maps using AM's 3D tools.

At present, we have 4 ongoing projects. The results will be published in mainstream astronomy research journals. Four papers are currently nearing completion.

detailed information: see our dedicated page

Further Projects


The Eye's Cornea in 3D,
first visualized by AM

These are projects of mainly interdisciplinary character AM members are conducting with external collaborators.

Our unusual connections to various communities drove us to launch science projects connecting medicine, mathematics, computer science, and astronomy. We started off with rather traditional topics, such as object identification in data, and 3D visualization for astronomy outreach. The most recent addition, though, is a medical research project that attempts 3D visualization of the eye's cornea, a project never attempted before. Of course, astronomy also plays a role in this last project: the medical researcher herd about us via astronomy conferences.

We have 3 ongoing projects. Publications will aim at professional journals in astronomy and medicine, as well as public astronomy outreach.

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Collaborative IIC Projects


The collaborative SDR Environment

These are IIC projects to which AM members contribute by sharing interdisciplinary expertise.

The IIC was though to provide an environment in which researcher from various disciplines naturally start talking and collaborating with each other. In doing so, AM connected to two other branches of the IIC. These are the Scientists' Discovery Room (SDR), the Space Time Machine Consortium (STM), and the Data Intensive Science Consortium (DISC).

detailed information: see our dedicated page

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