Movies and Animations

AstroMed Movie

"The Astronomical Medicine Project: Mapping New Frontiers in Astronomy and Medicine", a mini-documentary about the AstroMed project, and the people and science behind it. Downloads: large (58 MB), and small (23 MB).

Software Demo

Demo movie of astronomical data being viewed in 3D Slicer and OsiriX. Download (73 MB).


Animation showing data from the COMPLETE Survey of Star Forming Regions including the 13CO Perseus data cube in 3D. Download (<1 MB).

NGC 1333

Illustrative animation of NGC 1333 including COMPLETE Survey molecular line data and Spitzer c2d Legacy images. Download (11 MB).


The COMPLETE Survey of Star Forming Region's data cube of Perseus in 13CO as displayed in OsiriX. Downloads: Movie (10 MB) and Quicktime VR object (4 MB)


Volume rendered animation of the star-forming region L1448 using data from the COMPLETE Survey. This animation was made with VolView and created by Nick Holliman (Durham University) Download (65 MB).

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