Astronomical Medicine in the News

"Is There an Astronomer in the House?", Science (February 11, 2011). (Article text: PDF.)

"Fellows Friday with Michelle Borkin", TED Blog (August 27, 2010).

"Cassiopeia A Comes Alive Across Time and Space", Chandra X-ray Center Press Release (January 6, 2009).

"New Visualization Techniques Yield Star Formation Insights", Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Press Release (December 31, 2008). Also featured in The Christian Science Monitor, ScienceDaily, and HarvardScience.

"Astronomical Medicine", Word of Mouth, New Hampshire Public Radio (July 23, 2008).

"Revolutionary Minds: The Re-Envisionaries", Seed Magazine (July/August, 2008).

"Medical Software has Astronomers Seeing Stars", Computing in Science & Engineering (July/August, 2008).

"Imaging tools in astronomy and medicine", The Science Show, ABC Radio National (May 10, 2008).

"Brains Shed Light on the Stars: Interdisciplinary initiative pioneers new field of study", The Harvard Crimson (March 14, 2008).

"Astronomy and medical imaging go hand in hand at stellar Harvard initiative", (October 2, 2007).

"Seeking guidance from the stars", MedicalPhysicsWeb (May 16, 2007). Also featured in (Article text: doc or txt.)

"Science's 'Third Branch'", Harvard Magazine (May/June 2007).

"Science + Computing = Innovation", Apple Science Profile (April 5, 2007). Also featured in The Mac Observer.

"3-D Medical Imaging Reaches the Stars", Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Press Release (March 27, 2007). Also featured in Advanced Imaging Pro, RedOrbit, Spaceflight Now,

"3-D Vision Stretches from Medicine to Space", Boston Globe (March 26, 2007).

"Accelerating Science with Innovative Computing", Harvard Gazette (March 23, 2007).

"Innovative Computing Initiative Sets Sights on Projects", Harvard Gazette (September 28, 2006).

"Harvard-wide Initiative in Innovative Computing to Provide Collaboration Opportunities", Harvard Public Health Now (June 8, 2005).

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