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28 June 2011

Michelle Borkin will be presenting at this year's TEDxBoston on June 28 about Astronomical Medicine! For more information:

TEDxBoston: Revolutionary Ideas

AAS 2011 in Seattle

11 January 2011

Alyssa Goodman and Michelle Borkin will be at the 217th American Astronomical Society (AAS) Meeting in Seattle, WA from January 9-13. To see some of our latest visualization efforts, make sure to check-out our poster in the exhibit hall on Tuesday 1/13!

Michelle Borkin, Stella Offner, Eve Lee, Hector Arce, & Alyssa Goodman, 2011, "Visualization and Analysis of Synthetic Observations of Embedded Protostellar Outflows", Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society, AAS Meeting 217, #258.13.

Downloads: Poster (PDF) & Movies (MOV)

The COMPLETE Survey of Outflows in Perseus

1 June 2010

Reflecting the Astronomical Medicine Project’s continued effort to bring novel visualization and analysis techniques to astronomy research, our collaborative paper with the COMPLETE Team on the detection and study of outflows in Perseus is now published!

For more information, check-out the associated research pages on the Astronomical Medicine and COMPLETE web sites.

Hector Arce, Michelle Borkin, Alyssa A. Goodman, Jaime Pineda, & Michael Halle, "The COMPLETE Survey of Outflows in Perseus", 6/2010, Astrophysical Journal, 715, 1170.

Insight into star formation results from the IIC Astronomical Medicine project's work

1 January 2009


Dendrogram analysis of the structure of a molecular cloud in L1448.

New information on the role gravity plays in the formation of stars has emerged with the help of the IIC’s Astronomical Medicine project, which has applied visualization techniques from medical imaging to challenges in astronomy.

The work is described in a HarvardScience news release and in a Letter in a special January 1, 2009 issue of the journal Nature launching the Year of Astronomy. The authors include Alyssa Goodman, founding director of the IIC, IIC Senior Scientist Michael Halle, IIC Postdoctoral Fellow Jens Kauffmann and IIC Researcher Michelle Borkin, now a graduate student in the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

The IIC team and Goodman’s colleagues in astronomy used a dendrogram to elucidate the hierarchical structure within the giant molecular clouds that are major star-forming regions in space. To communicate the results, Halle and Kauffmann collaborated with other technical specialists to create the first three-dimensional interactive PDF published by Nature. Key figures in the article present data in a form in which readers can experience multiple views of all or part of the data as they read the paper, without needing special software.

This interactive PDF document shows the new dendrogram-based decomposition.

This YouTube video provides more background about the interactive 3D PDF figures contained in the paper. (alternate high-resolution QuickTime movie).

For more information about this work, please contact Alyssa Goodman (agoodman -at- cfa.harvard.edu).

"IIC Connect" Open House

23 May 2008

The Astronomical Medicine Project will be giving talks and demos as part of ''IIC Connect'', a science and technology open house for the community. Come hear about our recent scientific research, results, software development, and upcoming releases! The event is being hosted at the IIC (60 Oxford Street, Cambridge MA). For more information and directions, please go to the open house webpage.

Cambridge Science Festival

4 May 2008

Come see our exhibit on Visualizing the Universe at "Cambridge Explores the Universe", part of the Cambridge Science Festival! The event is open to the public at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics from 12-4pm on Sunday May 4th.

Summer Internship Available

26 February 2008

The Astronomical Medicine project is seeking a qualified intern to implement software algorithms for segmenting and searching for features in cross-discipline scientific imaging. For more information, please go to the IIC employment page.

AAS 2008 in Austin

7 January 2008

The AM team will be represented in Austin, TX for the 211th AAS (American Astronomical Society) Meeting. We look forward to seeing fellow astronomers there, and make sure to look for our exhibit booth!

Please check-out our papers page for links to our presentations. You can also download copies of our exhibit booth handouts here:

ADASS 2007 in London

22 September 2007

The AM team is all in London for ADASS (Astronomical Data Analysis Software & Systems). We look forward to meeting many people from the astronomy software world. We will post information from our tutorial and other material both during and just after the conference.

Our tutorial notes will be on our research background page.

AstroMed featured on MedicalPhysicsWeb and Optics.org

16 May 2007

The AM project was featured on MedicalPhysicsWeb.org and Optics.org. For more information, and other recent press about the project, visit our press page.

Open-source release of fits2itk

19 April 2007

Source code for fits2itk is now available. See the Download section of fits2itk for more details.

New version of fits2itk for Linux available

5 April 2007

The Linux binary executable for fits2itk should now run on more variants of Linux. To download it, go to the fits2itk page.

Note for those who are interested in the gory details: The new executable was built on CentOS 4.4 (a free "rebuild" of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4) rather than Fedora Core 6, which was used to build the previously available Linux executable. FC6 is much more "bleeding edge" than RHEL4, and consequently, executables built on FC6 run on fewer variants of Linux than executables built on RHEL4/CentOS 4.

AstroMed featured on Apple.com

5 April 2007

The AstroMed project was featured in a special Apple Science profile available at: http://www.apple.com/science/profiles/harvard/

For more recent press about the project, visit our press page.

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